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charging $150 instead o are's watching the station -- you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland "at 4:30. sad story this morning. a teenage hit by a car in pasadena right now she is in the hospital. her family and friends praying for her. also an extensive investigation into a silver spring neighborhood after dozens of cars vandalized and police call it a hate crime. also ahead, welfare cut o how long families can be on welfare but how much is saved and when will people be cut off when we look around the nation we will tell you about that. it's thursday morning, thanks
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for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. things i dare say felt a bit better this morning when we made our way in. >> tonya and i talked about how cool it felt i doesn't know if it's because we have been leaving work and it's 80 at 2 in the morning. or maybe it's a cool down. so let's send it over to justin berk. >> it was 80 yesterday at 2 in the morning. we had a push last gasp of this frontal boundary a. and in a list -- boundary and in annapolis we had some really heavy rain around annapolis, but downtown, they barely got hit with just light rain and this is a nice shot of the moon coming up over the southeastern sky. this morning, temperatures down to 69 in edgewater and glen burnie. 65 westminster. you know the drop in the humidity and comparison to the 80s yesterday morning, actually makes it feel cooler. but this is close to normal. oh, what a beautiful setup. we have got ourselves basically clear skies. clouds suppressed down to the south. there may be high clouds mixed in but it's going to be
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pleasant one. we will talk about the forecast in a moment. right now the first look at traffic with tonya. >> reporter: and the first look is a pretty good one. very light traffic out there. we are accident free in baltimore city and baltimore county. jfx at northern parkway, light traffic. that's the southbound traffic to the right a cup cars out there right now -- a couple cars out there right now. emergency roadwork 95 southbound past russell in the right lane. also 95 northbound as you can see here at route 32. we have emergency roadwork on reisterstown road at 95 northbound at light street. charley. >> thanks you. an emotional tribute for a teen hit by a car while crossing a busy street in anne arundel county earlier this week. we have new details in the abc2 news room. let's gee to -- go to linda so with the details. >> reporter: we got off the phone and kara mitchy is in critical condition but they are
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keeping her on a ven lateor to donate her organs and save dozens of lives. they paid tribute to her with conges songs and a canned -- songs and a candlelight vigil. she and her boyfriend were trying to cross hitchie highway when they were hit. police say the two were not in the crosswalk. sean is in critical condition and his condition has gotten worse since he was first taken there. those who knew kara say she was a great friend and they are touched by the fact she will be able to save seven lives with the donated organs. >> she was the best person and i knew she would do good things in her life and she is doing it with her organs now. >> reporter: police are working to put up more signs to alert drivers and pedestrian. no word if charges will be filed against the driver. officials say that the driver was not speeding or drinking. in the studio, linda so, abc2
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news. also in pasadena this morning, 56-year-old steven slave spent the night in jail for stabbing his wife to death. the couple's daughter was injured in the attack as she tried to help her mom. the married couple was said to have been going through a divorce. he ran a day -- she ran a day care center at her home and was stabbed hours before her kids arrived. an accident turned deadly a baby died after being thrown from a car after the car smashed into a tree. you can look at the scene. it hand around the 2700 block of alameda at harford road. an adult male and 2-year-old and the baby were all in the car at the time of the accident. police say the behaviory-- baby was ejected from the car. police are investigating what they are calling a string of hate crimes in one silver spring neighborhood. car tires slashed and a community completely littered
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with graffiti. it straddles good hope road. they spray painted swastikas on the cars. it cost about $20,000 in damages. new reaction to what the suspects could be facing. baltimore county police are looking into three men and three women who are not suspects but the people could know something. a little more than a month ago, a man was trying to leave his job near the owings mills mall when he was apropped by two armed men. they took his wallet and cell phone and the incident has shaken the community but they insist the area is safe. you need to be aware of your surroundings. >> for the most part, it's safe. it's getting rowedder in the last few years -- routeyer but for -- rowdier but for the most part it's safe. it's a hub going to carroll county. but, say for a couple incidents, it's pretty safe place. >> and police are encouraging
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anyone with information regarding the six individuals again not suspects, but they may have information give baltimore county police a call. trafficca traffic stop is a drug bust in frederick yerl this week. check this -- earlier this week. check this out. they cherched a car and david curtis and 37-year-old duane smith had heroin and cocaine and 21 vials of powder cocaine and 18 pills. curtis is held on 5,000 dollar bail and smith is being held on $225,000 bail. trooper stopped curtis for speeding. smith was a passenger in the car. 4:36. new developments in the story we brought you earlier this week. one of the men charged with stealing presidential artifacts has been denied bail a request for bail review for barry whose
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-- land yow whose attorney calls it unfair. they were charged with theft andstealing presidential documents. democky 2012 -- democracy 2012, mitt romney is going to address the port smith rotary a attend a town hall meeting later in the day. while he is flirting with the idea of another presidential run, rudy giuliani will speak at sea coast republican women's luncheon in hampton new hampshire. still awaiting an announcement from sarah palin who says she will officially announce her intentions for the white house in late august orperhaps even early september. palin told fox news on wednesday she is confident she could wayne campaign against president -- campaign -- could win a campaign against president obarack obama. some ladies are celebrating lady. girls night out at columbia mall. the highlight of the evening and how they are helping people
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by having a great night out. and you drive a chrysler? a handful of recalls to tell you about. does your vehicle make the list? we will tell you about it coming up on "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 in the morning. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens virginia,
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. shopping is always fun. shopping for a good cause is even better. it's girls night out at mall in columbia. it is happening tonight. for a $10 donation that goes towards habitat for humanity of chesapeake. guest are treated for food, latest summer fashion and it's the third year for the girl's night out. i love it. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. all right. we will take a look outside yesterday. a high temperature hit 92. it was a hot one. and we got ourselves back into the mix of the heat building up
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with the system moving through. the final push affront because we had one wave the day before. but it has taken the steam out of air. 85 in york pa but this morning all of us are down into the cooler temperatures and they are at 59, 69 degrees in baltimore. 64 in easton. we will are a high uv index pushing the extreme range because of the sunshine. we are looking for temperatures much more tolerable. in fact a. lot of us starting in the 60s and near 70 this morning and push 81 but lunchtime. 58 under plenty sunshine. back to the roads here's tonya. >> reporter: still pretty kaiet out there. no major incidents to report on the highways. of course we hope it stays like that for the remainder of the morning. let's look at the jfx at cold spring. very light traffic in both directions. nothing to worry about. all lanes are open. no incidents in your way. we have roadwork traveling 95 northbound at route 32. that's in the two right lanes that should be wrapped up
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shortly. also 95 southbound past russel is in the right lane and 95 northbound near light street. charley. >> health alert this morning. you may remember dr. mcday charged with perform -- midei charged with performing unnecessary surgery on patients. his license were revoked. they said his revations will repeated and serious. aid baltimore staple and now it's on the move -- staple and now it's on the move. >> phillips is not going too far. where you can enjoy your crabs ahead. one state takes a bold step towards saving money, but is cutting welfare going too far? we will have a look when "good morning maryland" returns. we are first and only at 4:30. a live look this morning at the inner harbor in downtown baltimore. ÷x#
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4:44. five things to know before heading out the door. passenger traffic at bwi set another record. governor o'malley says more than 2 million passengers traveled through the airport in may. that's an increase of nearly 7%, an all time may recordch the airport set monthly records over the past 12 month. if you drive a chrysler pickup, they are recalling 243,000 pickups because of a steering problem that can cause drivers to lose control. the recall involves the ram 1500, 2500 and 3500 pickup. model years 2008 to 2011. the government says the steering part can fracture during tight turns. less than two weeks since she was acquitted of capital murder, case anthony will be released from custody on sunday. however, the legal troubles are far from over for her. a woman with a similar name to one anthony gave to police
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filed a defamation suit. betty ford returned to the city where she grew up. hundreds lined the streets in front of the gerald r ford presidential museum as the former first lady's casket arrived for a memorial service. it was followed by a public viewing at the museum. 300 mourners came by to pay their respects. today she will be buried next to her husband on the grounds of his presidential museum. the metro dome roof is back up in minneapolis. that's after that snow caused it to collapse in december. it took 45 minutes to raise the roof yesterday. today, crews will begin pulling back the wood that protected the turf while the roof was deflated. 4:46. it's no secret that phillips seafood is moving. >> but not to worry. they plan to make an announcement about the move and the relocation so this morning sherrie johnson is at the harbor. >> what can you tell us? >> reporter: we are in front of phillip's seafood. it's scheduled to move across
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the harbor over to the location formerly occupied by the espn zone. later around 11:30, the cordish company will present its exterior plans and renovations for a new restaurant. the cordish company will present the information to baltimore city's urban design and architecture review panel. several weeks ago, the cordish company met with the development corporation to try to get three mi -- 3 million dollars of rent breaks of the pier 4 power plant complex for make $6 million to $9 million in improvements. it's in an effort to help keep existing tenants and attract new ones. food restaurant owners announced they would -- phillips announced they would close at the end of september. bubba gump climp company will replace phillip's. that announcement takes place at the power plant location on east pratt street at 11:30 this morning. reporting live in downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson,
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abc2 news. >> news time 4:47. a few people seem concerned about traffic in baltimore city as we inch closer to the grand prix. a handful showed up for the first of three meetings about the grand prix coming. another one is set from 4 to 7 at marriott water front. at 5 we will be live with new reaction on the traffic concerns and how city officials are helping to make it easier for you, the driver. a chance to a help feed families starts today at fort dietrich. they are par tis paying in the nationwide fed feed families program. they collect nonperishable items. it starts today and runs up until the very end of august. food banks across the united states are facing severe shortages when it comes to nonperishable food items. fort dietrich are hoping to collect 700,000 pound of donations and that will help alleviate the problem in our surrounding communities. well, it's back and forth a struggle ongoing between
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president obama and u.s. lawmakers over the country's debt ceiling. prospects of the deal are fading fast. president obama and congressional leaders negotiated for two hours yesterday and the team is planning to meet again. gop senator mcconnell says republicans will not back down from the demands on a deal to raise the debt ceiling. mr. mcconnell says the white house needs to show real spending cuts if that deal is going to become reality. >> with the notion edging closer to the debt limit deadline, the president retreated behind rhetoric of class warfare. at a moment when we need leadership the most, we got it the least. >> yesterday president obama said he cannot guarantee social security checks will be sent out in early august if the country's default on its debt. republicans are calling that statement a scare tactic. 4:49 right now. new information this morning about a gruesome killing and dismembering of a 8-year-old
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boy. according to police, he had autism and got lost on the way home from camp and asked a stranger for help. a man named levy aaron took him to his apartment and panicked and ended up killing him. authorities tracked aaron down using surveillance video and found the buy dismembered remains after he pointed them to the refrigerator and dumpster in town. this will wake you up from a grueling day of travel. an oklahoma man was driving back from the airport when the suv caught fire on the way home. several mattresses were along the highway and phillip ran over it. the springs got wrapped underneath the truck and couldn't get out and mattress caught fire. he got out in time but the car and everything in it was burned. the michigan state senate allows families to stay on welfare for four years. if that bill becomes law it would force more than 12,000 families off welfare saving an estimated 77 million dollars. >> i want to be successful and have you know my kids have the
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best but it makes it hard when you know, i can't get help. >> there are some that abuse it. and it's difficult in legislation is to separate abusers from those that need the benefits. >> now the michigan house and senate versions of the bill to be reconciled before going to the state governor. it's feeling cooler here this morning in maryland. but it felt a little icy in colorado on wednesday. yeah. hear that strong storm cut through denver. dropping hail and heavy rain and this is yesterday's storms with quarter sized hail to the metro area and lightning as well as heavy rain. different story for us completely after we had our storm roll through yesterday. people checking in on facebook this morning. jim, he went out to get the trash and said it felt great. the trash from last night's storms at least yesterday evening, rick coleman you are about to go to the beach this evening. the problem is you have to wait
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until the evening to get there. we will check in with more of you coming in. look at the 50s in central p. p a. state college. we have a look at 69 in baltimore. but it's dropping. the coolest time of the day is just after sunrise. we have another hour or two to lose more notches on the thermometer. we have got clear skies. look at the low pressure rotating off cape cod this morning and trailing cold front pushed well south of the region. that's an impressive looking circulation out there. but that's helping to draw down some canadian air. we think the canadians this time of year for what they give us. that's how we determine the high cloud tops. what you see is not cloudy but measuring so cool and made a readjustment that false reading there. it's going to be mostly sunny and mostly clear and the full moon tonight looks full now looking over the western sky. 85 this afternoon after a cool
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morning. northeast wind 10 to 20 miles per hour. tonight back down to about 60. 50s inland and going back into the mid-80s for tomorrow. for our friends going to the beach, check out this weather mr. controlman and family. 81 to 83 tomorrow and saturday, 85 partly cloudy on sunday with the ocean temperature on sunday. how about the traffic? >> reporter: no delays at the bay bridge. wind warnings are in effect so be careful if you have top heavy vehicles. we are doing okay on the jfx and the beltway as well. let's look at jfx at 41st southbound traffic to the right of the screen. no incidents in your way northbound to the left of the screen. just dealing with wrapping up construction pretty much. traveling out of laurel, up 95 at 32, the two right lanes are wrapping up construction. overnight construction on the outer loop at 795. so be aware of that. 95 southbound past russell and 95 northbound near a light street. in what's being called a
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male dominated society, the women are trail blazers. >> this could be a sign of things changing. just ahead, why the women from afghanistan are in the united states. and how does this happen? one major beer brand has to shut down for a few days and why certain bruise are not on tap -- brews are not on tap? miller brewing company. you are watching "good morning" first and only at 4:30. a live look at our nation's capital this morning.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. police in india are searching for who is behind bombings. the attacks were the worst terror strike in the history since three years ago that killed 166 people. these attacks came just months
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after peace talks resumed between india and pakistan. no one claimed responsibility for the bombings. four female afghan military officers are in the u.s. training to become the first female pilots in the afghan air force. two years ago, the afghan army were look for women to join and became the opportunity to be the first women pilots in the afghan air force and they will be here at lackland air force base in texas for eight months for english language training and heading to alabama for helicopter training. exxon-mobile will try to do damage control this morning in monday at that .a. they plan to use vac -- in montana. they plan to use vacuum trucks to suck oil from a pipeline that spilled an estimated 42,000 gallons of crude oil in the yellowstone river. the cause of the july 1st pipeline failure is under investigation. minnesota's government shutdown put 22,000 state employees out of work and they won't be able to reach for beers during the free time when
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they are out of work. miller coors is forced to pull 39 brands from every restaurant bar and liquor store in the state because the company was not able to renew the brand label registration before the government shut down on july 1st. see it goes all the way down. expected to take a day or two before the company begins pulling the product or getting it back on the shelves. now "good morning maryland." love ones gathered to pray for young girl involved in a terrible accident. how she is continuing to give back. a huge financial clamity which would affect everybody. >> still no agreement on raying the congressional debt limit. how this could impact you in the coming weeks. >> reporter: a series of public hearings to educate drivers on the baltimore grand prix. hear what the department of transportation has to say. >> all right. thursday morning, good morning. and thanks for joining us i am
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megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. back to the grand prix meeting. a lot of people seem to be passive about this right now. but you want to aa-- pay attention because when the roads start closing,. >> you might care. >> then you will care. >> exactly. we will tell you what you need to know and the information that is out there this morning. first, though, let's get a check with meteorologist justin berk. justin it's so cool and so nice. >> so nice. you are right. we had storms blow through the area. and early afternoon is when they started coming across the p.a. line and blowing through mid- afternoon especially when they flared up around howard and near columbia howard county and down towards anne arundel county. this morning, the coolest spot in the state in mchenry at 52. other conditions here and as you look at your favorite spot, good morning darleen meeks who ho checks in often is liking this weather. how about laura from gettysburg. julie and brian and dan and dan and mannedy and we have

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